Waiakea Water x 7 Day Challenge

Water. We are made of it. We need water for healthy digestion, mental focus, physical fitness and function. Drinking eight glasses a day is the magic number to maintain optimum health, yet how many glasses of water are we really drinking every day? I happen to love drinking water (I'm definitely a water snob) and very picky when it comes to the taste and quality of my H2O. So I went for the Waiakea Water Challenge to drink 3 liters per day of naturally alkaline Waiakea for 7 days straight. Here's what happened:  I went through an entire liter of water during an hour of my morning exercise.

I take crossfit. Drinking water between each weightlifting set hydrates me throughout my workout. It also helps me concentrate and mentally prepare before each lift. As I increase weight on my bar, I take a big swig of water. Doing this gives me focus. I'm also running, doing pushups, burpees, squats and (my least favorite) squat high wall balls <insert crying emoji>so drinking that first liter was as easy as pie. (Of course, if it really was pie, I wouldn't be keeping up with everyone in my crossfit class!) Too bad water isn't pie though. 

After an intense workout, I'm totally drenched with sweat. One of my trainers says "sweat is your fat crying" -- that's fine with me, as long as I keep replacing those tears with good alkaline water!

Drinking the second liter of water gave me the extra assurance that I was well hydrated.

I did not drink it as quickly as the first liter, however. I just couldn't get past the second liter by the evening, and vowed to try again the next day.  Aside from drinking lots of water, I'm a daily tea drinker. I have always avoided sodas, dairy milk, and anything sugary. Black tea, green tea, matcha lattes (with almond or coconut milk) and jasmine tea is more my thing. I noticed that as I drank more water, I drank less tea during the day.

During the 7 day water challenge, I slept better than usual. My digestion improved, and I was less bloated after eating.

So I felt good, had great energy and mental focus. I felt slimmer, energized. Maybe I'll lose some of that stubborn weight that snuck up on me after having three kids. I've also officially entered midlife. I was feeling the workings of good hydration!

So why couldn't I drink that third liter?

Honestly I think it was too much water for my body. The only day I drank two and a half liters of water was the day I did a lot of cardio and weight training.  The weather was quite hot, so drinking down that delicious Waiakea volcanic water was pretty easy to do.  I truly believe that drinking enough water is essential to my health as well as keeping my youthful glow. I just had to discover how much "enough water" was for my lifestyle. I'm almost 48 years old, and a working mom of three. I'm always making sure my kids drink enough water. What about me?

Well, before the Waiakea Water Challenge, I thought I drank more water than I actually do. I didn't think I was dehydrated. 

There have been many times that I realized I didn't drink enough water, and try to catch up just before bedtime. I count back to how many glasses I've had, panic because I'm probably dehydrated, and drink two big glasses of water before falling asleep. And we know what happens when you do that! 

The Waiakea seven day water challenge gave me a serious push to stick to drinking two liters of water per day, even though the challenge was to drink three liters. I found my happy H2O balance, and felt the difference in many positive ways. What I really like about Waiakea is not only the taste, but the fact that their volcanic water from Mauna Loa is naturally full of minerals and electrolytes. Plus, they practice the Hawaiian mālama i ka ‘āina, meaning “to respect and care for the land." They happen to have one of the most ethical and sustainable water practices in the world. Waiakea is certified CarbonNeutral® environmentally conscious.

Waiakea gives back.

For every liter of Waiākea, they donate 1 week of clean water to those in need in Africa and throughout the world, through their partner, Pump Aid. You can take the Waiakea Water Challenge and notice how good you feel getting hydrated while helping those in need have clean drinking water. 

Take the Waiakea Water Challenge!

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