The Sensual Foodie Does Abbott Kinney

Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California is its own microcosm of culture--- a wonderful assortment of great restaurants, cafes, and dessert spots--- and I am going to explore them one by one for the pleasure of writing (and eating!) about each experience.

Finding the gastronomic history of Abbott Kinney is difficult, preparing this first post. But I will begin exploring and discovering the culinary delights with a stroll down this funky, eclectic boulevard, looking for a true "Venice" foodie experience. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from--- I have already been to several of restaurants and cafes along this historic street to know that the culinary delights to be found are sublime.

Food trucks are also parked regularly (usually in the lot next to The Brig) and on "First Fridays" the Food Truck line up is:

Border Grill - Spanish cuisine
Coolhaus - ice cream sandwiches
Dim Sum Truck - dim sum and more
Dogtown Dogs - gourmet hot dogs and taters
Grilled Cheese Truck - grilled cheese sandwiches
KO Taco Truck - knockout tacos
South Philly Exp - philly cheesesteaks
Vizzi Truck - Coastal inspired cuisine
ABBOTT KINNEY BOULEVARD: A melange of cafes, restaurants, coffee houses, dessert spots, mixed in with the boutiques and hodgepodge of artsy stores, one of my favorite spinning and yoga studios, and more (aka, food trucks). I will be "doing" them all.
A few of the restaurants/cafes I have enjoyed on Abbott Kinney:
Reviews soon to come!
First upcoming review... Gjelina