The Panna Cotta Experiment {part 2} Jasmine Tea Infusion

I have been experimenting with panna cotta, and this version was made with an infusion of jasmine tea. I thought the flavors of jasmine tea with honey would be lovely. I've had a bottle of orange blossom water in my pantry, so I made a syrup by reducing some fresh orange peel, orange blossom water, honey, and raw sugar.

The panna cotta recipe I've been loosely following suggests sheet gelatin rather than powdered gelatin. So far, I've managed to make it jello-like and not creamy in texture. The first experiment failed with the panna cotta blob that disappointed. This one, although a bit creamier, and better tasting, still isn't quite what I had hoped it would be. I think I need to try a different recipe and use powdered gelatin, rather than the sheet gelatin.

The flavor came out well enough, the jasmine tea infusion subtle and enhanced by the honey orange blossom syrup. I was fairly happy with the flavor outcome, but not so with the texture.

Next panna cotta experiment will be Darjeeling tea infused with honey. I may take an intermission to try my hand at a butterscotch budino before the panna cotta experiment {part 3, Darjeeling tea infusion}.

What I have loved about panna cotta in general, when made properly, is the creaminess and the rich depth that a spoon makes into it. It is silky and sensual. Panna cotta is versatile, like a good vanilla ice cream or pudding. Which is why i'm fascinated by it and will continue to try different versions until I have made a good batch of this delicious Italian pudding.