Summer has come early here, so what do I make on a hot Saturday morning but egg tartines. A tartine is an open-faced sandwich creation with a French name that sounds pretty. It's easy and you can use a variety of ingredients.

This morning, in a hurry, I made these breakfast tartines for my teenage son and his best friend. Teens are always hungry, so making this quickly satisfied their cravings. It also kept them out of my refrigerator and pantry so I could enjoy being in my kitchen. I just moved into my new house and the kitchen is one I've dreamed of. I went grocery shopping early this morning so I could spend the day creating meals for my children and myself. It's what I love to do. But not everyone is like me! So consider the tartine.

Tartine assembly is all about what flavors you'd like. No need to plan or follow a recipe.

I used scrambled egg, avocado, Manchego cheese, finely sliced green and red onions, kale, cherry tomatoes, micro greens, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic creme.


Just toast your bread and build your tartine. Enjoy with tea or coffee out on your patio or at your table. Read your newspaper, book or listen to your favorite music. I like Brazilian jazz while I make breakfast, sipping black tea with soy creamer and a dollop of honey.


Fresh fruit is so lovely on the table for nibbling while your hungry family (or sleepy lover) waits for breakfast. See how easy your morning can be?

Of course, I'm so happy in my kitchen, I made cinnamon rolls from scratch. Yes. I did. While it was still cool in the house and my air conditioner was taking a break, I baked cinnamon rolls as I assembled the breakfast tartines. Had I wanted to take it a step further, a chilled bottle of champagne is in my fridge. Mimosas can be made without a minute of hassle. I'm just giving you ideas.


For an amazing recipe of cinnamon rolls, while we are on the subject, Joy the Baker has the best one. I followed her cinnamon roll recipe several times, and the cinnamon roll dough is perfect to have on hand in the fridge pre-made so you can just bake them fresh and enjoy.

For Joy the Baker's chai spiced cinnamon roll recipe online, here it is. I also recommend you buy her cookbook because that is the recipe I follow. I don't usually follow recipes or directions myself, as I tend to improvise and create recipes better, but hers is just perfect. She used to be here in Los Angeles, but she moved to New Orleans, where I lived for almost five years. I wish we could have become good food blogger friends before she moved to my beloved Nawlins, and not just to share recipes. She's quite a talented baker! And who wouldn't want a girlfriend that knew how to make the best cinnamon rolls?

But back to the tartine. Once you've figured out your own style of making these, you'll want them often. Egg sandwiches will be passé, and only tartines will excite and delight you in the morning. Make tartines in the afternoon, serve with soup or salad. I've been a fan and admirer of food writer, stylist, photographer and cookbook author Béatrice Peltre for several years. She's got the loveliest recipes with many tartine variations to inspire. Her blog, La Tartine Gourmande, is gorgeous.

Bon Appetit!