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Coconut Matcha Chia Parfait

As I've become more of a matcha tea lover, I must admit, matcha is my favorite tea in the world. I am one of those people that can drink it iced all day long, then make a foamy matcha latte with coconut milk (or homemade cashew and almond milk), and then I'll say to one of my daughters or to my guy: "Hey, do you want to go check out that matcha tea place that just opened in Little Tokyo?" Coconut is also the same for me. Coconut milk, coconut ice cream, coconut curry, coconut rice. Coconut is most definitely a favorite of mine too. Put matcha with coconut in a chia pudding? Oh yes.

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Chai Impérial Pears

This is one of the most elegant desserts to make. It may take an afternoon or a day to poach these pears properly, but the rest of it is absolutely simple. I wanted to feature the beauty of tea in a dessert, so pears gently poached and steeped in chai tea was the perfect recipe. Palais des Thés Chai Impérial is a delicate black tea blend paired with an aromatic melange of green cardamom, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger and orange zest.

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La Primavera Frangipane Tarte

In celebration of spring, I've been creating recipes using edible flowers and experimenting with desserts. This tart was inspired by a raw vegan dessert cookbook and the beauty of all the flowers in my garden. The orange tree in my garden bloomed a few weeks ago in a magnificent perfume of orange blossoms. It seemed so sudden, but the fragrance! I'd open the sliding door wide to the backyard and the beautiful smell filled the house.

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