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Springtime in the Farmers' Market

Seasonal produce gets me in the mood for creating something delicious in the kitchen. Lately I’ve been all about everything green and fresh, so a jaunt through the sunny bounty of vegetables and fruits in the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market was my idea of heaven. I’ve also been on the lookout for edible flowers to add a bouquet of visual beauty and aromatic taste to dishes as a special garnish.

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Sensual Summery Sangria with a Juicy Twist

Bursting with juicy flavor, a twist on Spanish Sangria and the Italian Bellini fills your glasses with sensuality from the farmers' market using fresh seasonal produce. 

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Berry Goji Blossom Smoothie {RECIPE}

This smoothie has anti-oxidant, anti-aging nutrition -- blueberries and goji berries --- plus an herbal infusion of damiana, ashwagandha, rose petals and pearl jasmine green tea. I used farmers' market fresh organic produce and juiced apples, oranges and kale for the liquid base of this smoothie. This is a beauty bomb and a nutrient-packed power smoothie! 

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