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Best Beauty Food Smoothie Ever

Aphrodisiacs are superfoods for our soul. We want to feel good by what we put into our bodies, but in the pursuit to eat healthy we sometimes forget to slow down and experience the pleasure of food. An aphrodisiac beauty smoothie is full of antioxidants, skin-plumping good fats and nutrients to add to our daily glow. 

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Berry Goji Blossom Smoothie {RECIPE}

This smoothie has anti-oxidant, anti-aging nutrition -- blueberries and goji berries --- plus an herbal infusion of damiana, ashwagandha, rose petals and pearl jasmine green tea. I used farmers' market fresh organic produce and juiced apples, oranges and kale for the liquid base of this smoothie. This is a beauty bomb and a nutrient-packed power smoothie! 

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Coconut Watermelon Elixir {RECIPE} Aphrodisiacs for Health

What kind of foods hydrate and nourish? WatermelonCoconut waterCucumber. These are the ingredients that come to my mind when I’m walking outside, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh ocean air. I’m wondering how to blend these ingredients up and make something nourishing out of it. A freshly blended, icy, good for you slushie comes to mind. 

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