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Breakfast in Bed | Valentine's Day Ideas

Breakfast in bed could be a good way to begin your Valentine’s Day this Sunday. A handwritten love note, your sweetheart’s favorite breakfast, hot tea or coffee, fresh juice. If you haven’t found the perfect gift, this breakfast in bed plan may suffice. Omelette? Breakfast bowl with coconut yogurt, fresh berries, cacao nibs? Strawberries? Dip them in dark chocolate. 

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{RECIPE} Darling's Summer Shrimp in Mojito Dressing

I watch him peel shrimp in the kitchen. He’s holding the knife steady and with precision he deftly cuts along the spine of the shrimp, pink and quivering. At the wooden cutting block he conducts a jazz rhythm with his chef’s knife— finely chopping fresh leaves of mint and feathery cilantro, scooping the green herbs into a bowl. I am enthralled by the way he takes such loving care of the ingredients. 

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Aphrodisiacs, Spicy Thai BBQ, and the Ginger Pork Curry
Orris ~ dîner pour les sensualistes