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50 Shades of Dumplings: The Dumpling Affair

As I held a jiggling pork dumpling in between my chopsticks, I thought, just a taste. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, with a preference for greens and a strong aversion to burgers, steak, and anything involving meat. I swore I'd never want it, as the very idea disgusted me.

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Sunday at the Farmers' Market

On Sundays when I can go to the farmers' market, I enjoy the seasonal local produce that is available. Among all the seasons, the harvest season of fall is the most inspiring. It arrives around October, and then by Thanksgiving we have such plenty: pumpkins, squashes, arugula, kale, the dark green Tuscan cavalo nero or dinosaur kale, yams, mushrooms, persimmons, pomegranates. As much as I love the springtime, autumn is glorious.

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