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How To Make Veggie Breakfast Wraps Without a Recipe

I've been a little obsessed with this supermarket in my neighborhood. It's definitely not at Whole Foods level by any means--- and quite thankfully there aren't constant eyefuls of gluten-free, organic, farm fresh, dairy-free, vegan reminders to prod health-oriented purchases--- but it has me captivated nonetheless. Perhaps it's the choice of music they play --- The Bee Gees, Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire --- while I scoop up a bounty of avocados into my bag for .79¢ each. 

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Quinoa + Veggie Salad: Healthy Eating Made To Go

When I'm hungry and want a quick bite, I take a look in the fridge and pantry to see what I can put together quickly. Easily done when at home, but most of the time I'm driving around the city, finding the quickest shortcut to avoid traffic while running errands, fitting in a workout in the gym, picking up kids from school. Oh, and that day job. Somewhere in the day I do have to work too. 

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