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Farmers' Market Inspiration: Roasted Carrots {RECIPE}

Roasting vegetables is one of my favorite cooking methods come fall and winter months. This recipe is perfect for a Thanksgiving side dish as well as a Sunday dinner at home. Carrots are the sweetest just plucked from the earth. My local farmers' market inspired this fresh out of the grocery tote and into the roasting pan recipe. 

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Springtime in the Farmers' Market

Seasonal produce gets me in the mood for creating something delicious in the kitchen. Lately I’ve been all about everything green and fresh, so a jaunt through the sunny bounty of vegetables and fruits in the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market was my idea of heaven. I’ve also been on the lookout for edible flowers to add a bouquet of visual beauty and aromatic taste to dishes as a special garnish.

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Plums in July

I'm creating a garden in my backyard. This is a dream come true for me. I took a day off to accomplish a list of things, but instead of recipe creating and taking photos, I'm drinking iced tea with lemon and mint, while instructing the gardener and crew around the yard, showing them where I'd like to plant the large pots of jasmine, bougainvillea and creeping fig. 

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Chinese Long Beans {RECIPE}

As the summer moves into fall, I find myself holding on to the last bites of seasonal produce so that I can savor the taste of sunshine. A late August stroll through my local farmers' market had me clasping bunches of long green beans, scooping pulpy handfuls of bright cherry tomatoes into a bag, and that's when I found the inspiration for these Chinese long beans.

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I Have a Krush on Kreation Kafe: Healthy Eats in Santa Monica