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Marvelous Matcha Coconut Cheesecake {RAW VEGAN RECIPE}

The other day as I was shopping for groceries, I found some mattcha tea powder in the tea section. Some grocery stores and Asian supermarkets carry this magical green tea powder, and I'm addicted to the stuff. I had run out of my stash at home, making due with some green tea bags instead. That wasn't quite working. As a true tea lover, I feel that mattcha is a special ingredient. Traditionally, mattcha is used in Japanese tea ceremony, frothed up with a bamboo brush in an artful practice, showing reverence for tea.

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Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles are one of the simplest raw vegan treats to make. They're lovely to look at, full of delicious ingredients, with a rich, decadent taste. I think this recipe may cause me to introduce the catch phrase "naughty and nice eating" (and I'm sure Santa isn't into 'clean eating' anyway). Maybe leave some of these truffles with those cookies and milk by the Christmas tree? 

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La Primavera Frangipane Tarte

In celebration of spring, I've been creating recipes using edible flowers and experimenting with desserts. This tart was inspired by a raw vegan dessert cookbook and the beauty of all the flowers in my garden. The orange tree in my garden bloomed a few weeks ago in a magnificent perfume of orange blossoms. It seemed so sudden, but the fragrance! I'd open the sliding door wide to the backyard and the beautiful smell filled the house.

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Best Beauty Food Smoothie Ever

Aphrodisiacs are superfoods for our soul. We want to feel good by what we put into our bodies, but in the pursuit to eat healthy we sometimes forget to slow down and experience the pleasure of food. An aphrodisiac beauty smoothie is full of antioxidants, skin-plumping good fats and nutrients to add to our daily glow. 

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Hazelnut Coconut Espresso Smoothie

I'm writing this recipe down for you before I forget because I think this one is a winner. It's super creamy, luscious and ridiculously too good to be healthy. It tastes like an espresso milkshake. My nine year old daughter has developed a penchant for iced coffee so I thought she would enjoy this.

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Blueberry & Blackberry Coconut Elixir

I'm a berry lover and so when I saw these blueberries and blackberries, I couldn't resist. I've been working on ideas for rejuvenating recipes to create a replenishing beauty cleanse program. Radiance boosting recipes require fresh raw superfoods like blueberries. I found incredibly fresh coconuts at my local Asian supermarket. 

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Coconut Watermelon Elixir {RECIPE} Aphrodisiacs for Health

What kind of foods hydrate and nourish? WatermelonCoconut waterCucumber. These are the ingredients that come to my mind when I’m walking outside, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh ocean air. I’m wondering how to blend these ingredients up and make something nourishing out of it. A freshly blended, icy, good for you slushie comes to mind. 

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What I Needed Was Red Medicine
South Asian Paradise Dinner at Home