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Fabulous Places: Dining & Drinks Discovered in LA

Dining poolside, rosé all day, Sunday brunch, luxurious lunching during a world class horse show, food and wine festivals, even a retro tiki cocktail oasis revamped from the 1930's in the urban jungle of downtown. There have been many culinary and cocktail events with new dining experiences happening here in Los Angeles, such as supper club dinner theater shows, ramen pop-ups inside of restaurants, and other evolutions of dining.

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My Steamy Egg Fantasy {RECIPE}

There's something sensual about feeling the weight of an egg in my hand. I cradle it carefully with my fingers, caressing the cool delicate shell before cracking the egg open, allowing the gelatinous white to spill out. The slippery yolk settles within the bottom of the mixing bowl. It looks completely circular and perfect.

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