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SUPERFOOD APHRODISIACS: Aphrodite's Ambrosia with Cranberries, Chia, Goji & Blackberries

I’ve been on the go and busy this holiday. There are articles and blog posts just bursting in my mind as I drive, usually while I'm hungry and stuck in traffic, having waited way too long to eat something. Like sugar plums dancing through my head this holiday season, I dream of beautiful raw whole foods and recipes. 

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Blueberry & Blackberry Coconut Elixir

I'm a berry lover and so when I saw these blueberries and blackberries, I couldn't resist. I've been working on ideas for rejuvenating recipes to create a replenishing beauty cleanse program. Radiance boosting recipes require fresh raw superfoods like blueberries. I found incredibly fresh coconuts at my local Asian supermarket. 

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