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Last Day of Summer in Palos Verdes

The weather was perfectly summery and Californian as I opened the sunroof and windows, with long hair blowing wildly in the wind. My youngest daughter, seven, carried an armful of dolls into the car for her entertainment, while my ten year old daughter listened to music through her headphones. The drive was clear and we were sailing smooth on the southbound 405 freeway from the heat of the San Fernando Valley, with the Labor Day holiday to thank for an open road.

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Sensual Summery Sangria with a Juicy Twist

Bursting with juicy flavor, a twist on Spanish Sangria and the Italian Bellini fills your glasses with sensuality from the farmers' market using fresh seasonal produce. 

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Spice Up Your Valentine's Menu

Aphrodisiacs are simply foods, herbs and spices thought to inspire desire. As Valentine’s Day reminds us of some of our favorite aphrodisiacs, we think of the typical temptations: oysters, champagne, caviar, chocolate, figs and lobster. But I like to discover new ways to tempt my love's tastebuds.

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Clay Pot Cooking for a Sunday at Home

Here is a comforting recipe for Squash, Bean & Quinoa Stew with Kale served with a boule miche of French bread and garnished with a spoonful of homemade pistou.

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Comfort Food ~ Love in a Bowl
South Asian Paradise Dinner at Home
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