Thanksgiving time has us all searching for recipes to cook, eat and share. Spice up your holiday with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. These romance enhancing spices please the senses and get you in the mood. Here's some inspiration for your Thanksgiving recipes.


CINNAMON. It’s no surprise that the scent of cinnamon is an aphrodisiac. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, cakes, cinnamon buns. A spice known to seduce and enchant, to give comfort and pleasure. We delight in sprinkling this on frothy milk, pastries and sweets.

Pears poached in wine and cinnamon, apples and cinnamon, French toast, cinnamon and nutmeg. So many delicious flavor combinations come to mind. Cinnamon sparkles during the holiday season. Just the scent of it is enough to inspire us in the kitchen, though researchers have discovered that one of the top aphrodisiac scents is… cinnamon.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: It makes your Thanksgiving apple and pumpkin pie even more tempting. Health enhancing and mood enchanting, there’s nothing like freshly grated cinnamon. Spice up your Thanksgiving feast with this Vegan Pumpkin Praline Pie.

LET’S GET COOKING: Try one of my favorite savory side dishes for Thanksgiving--- Carrots with Cinnamon, Pomegranate and Ginger. Since so many recipes during the holidays sparkle with cinnamon, try to choose just one or two at most that highlight the spice. Otherwise there will be too much cinnamon to the taste.

And don’t wait to put up the mistletoe, just bake a pumpkin pie or make a raw vegan version. Looking for a recipe for that? Here is one raw vegan pumpkin pie recipe I'm drooling over via Rawmazing.

Making your own Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Sauce is better than canned cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving table. It goes well with side dishes like Brussels Sprouts and other sides on the menu. Food52 gives me so many recipe ideas! Can you imagine an Apple and Pumpkin Pie put together in a rustic galette?


NUTMEG: Euphoric, mood enhancing, calming. Just a pinch of grated nutmeg makes everything just right in cookies, cakes and even savory dishes like curry or squash soups.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: Nutmeg is amazing in both sweet and savory dishes, it pairs well in baked goods next to cinnamon and enhances flavors. It’s great in soups and recipes with cheese. Fantastic in Mac and Cheese, nutmeg brings out the nutty flavor in Gruyere.

LET’S GET COOKING: Thanksgiving side suggestions: Spinach Gratin and Autumn Root Vegetable Gratin.


GINGER: You might blush if I told you what slices of ginger do to my libido. It’s after a good dose of ginger that lovers become flirtatious with spicy ardor for more l'amour. French courtesan Madame du Barry fed ginger to her lovers to inspire their desire... et pourquoi pas?

Aside from its aphrodisiac qualities, ginger is good for digestion, boosts our metabolism, and cleanses our system.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: Ginger gives zing to recipes and pairs well with carrots and squash or in sweet holiday recipes like gingerbread or gingersnaps.

LET’S GET COOKING: Carrots, squash, apple pie. Ginger is a show-off. It needs to be the center of attention, so why not give a taste of its zing with fresh grated ginger in your squash soup? For a carrot ginger soup, it lends its warmth to the bright orange bowlful. Ginger is like lingerie to the apple in pie.

Gingerbread cake for the holidays is essential in my kitchen, served with tea or coffee.

My love of ginger knows no bounds. I couldn’t resist gingersnaps as a little girl (I still can’t resist them). So this recipe for ginger cookies that are cousins to gingerbread (got to love gingerbread) piqued my curiosity. Speculaas ginger cookies, anyone? How about Triple Ginger Cookies via Bon Appetit to spice up your evening by the fire?