Naked Lunch : Asakuma Delivers


After writing on my other blog, Erotica du Jour about Nyotaimori, the Japanese erotic food art 女体盛り, “body sushi,” the art of serving sashimi & sushi from the body of a naked woman, I was inspired to call up Asakuma and enjoy a sushi lunch a la Nyotaimori with my darling man. My naked body would be the "sushi platter" for his lunch. Good idea, I thought.

I phoned Asakuma while freshly showered, standing naked in my bathroom., glancing at the to-go menu. "DE-MA-E" means "made to order" and "GO-CHI-SO" means "feast". In Japanese, when you are finished with your meal, it is proper and polite to say happily, "Go-chi-sooo sama deshita!"

The person answering at Asakuma picked up on the second ring, but placed me  directly on hold after they answered. Must be very busy at 11:30am. I waited for some time. After nearly fifteen minutes on hold, I knew the outgoing recording pretty well. I imagined there were many customers, ordering sushi to-go in the nude. I hung up, and redialed again.

A friendly voice answered, the same guy that left me on hold. But this time  he was available to take my order. I chose the Kiku (Gokujyo) combination: 2 tuna, 1 each of seared tuna, salmon, hirame, hamachi, albacore, shrimp, uni, ikura, kani, and spicy tuna. I also ordered the vegetarian platter (avocado roll and avocado sashimi, asparagus sashimi, cooked shiitake mushroom sashimi, kaiware, pickled eggplant, and vegetable rolls) with brown rice, and two iced green teas.

"Do you need any chopsticks?" they asked.

"Um, no..." I answered demurely. "We won't need them."

We would not need chopsticks whatsoever. Besides, we have a growing collection of ohashi, or chopsticks.

They called back and said they were out of uni. My husband replied, "more salmon, the color will look better on your skin."

"Extra salmon, please." I answered.

Asakuma was quick. They delivered our sushi feast and found our tucked away place without any problem. Everything arrived in tact with a cold pack inside the bag.

My husband prepared our tatami mat area while I undressed out of my silk kimono. Lying down on the tatami, he placed each piece of sushi and sashimi carefully on my body. It tickled and felt a bit cold. The ebi sashimi kept slipping off of my belly.

He wasn't sure about eating it off of me. It made him laugh and I tried not to giggle. If I did, all the carefully placed sushi and sashimi would just tumble off. Sticky grains of sushi rice were holding each piece, sticking to my skin.

The sushi itself was delicious! I loved my vegetable rolls.  (I ate them off of a plate). The avocado sashimi was unique, as well as the asparagus. Good quality, very fresh.

I especially liked the shiitake mushroom that they cut to look like an octopus. The kaiware (daikon sprout sashimi) was a bit too sharp on my tongue in such a big bunch on top of rice, but they looked beautiful.


2805 Abbott Kinney Boulevard,

Venice, CA 90291


Order in some excellent sushi and get naked.

To Chef Aki Watanabe, gochisoosama deshita!