Mexicali Taco & Co. Opens in DTLA

The soft opening night was tonight in downtown Los Angeles at the first brick and mortar location for Mexicali Taco & Co. on Figueroa Street, just north of Cesar Chavez. It's inviting good looks and simple interior compliments the authentic taste of Mexicali. Their first beginnings started as a temporary set up in an empty lot at the gritty street corner of 1st and Beaudry Streets in downtown Los Angeles, just next to the busy artery of the 110 freeway. Baja Night was what they called it, and the only time I went, I was enchanted.

The Mexicali boys themselves worked hard to transform the interior, with wood planks and fresh paint, while all of us impatiently waited for our Mexicali Taco fixes to be satiated by their open doors. Facebook and Twitter friends were asking the question of "when" as they painted, hammered, and worked on creating the interior. The bright and sunny Mexicali Taco & Co. sign made me happy to see, and the crayon red tables looked like tables you'd want to sit right down at with several vampiro quesadillas to devour, along with some cool and creamy horchata to drink. They offer several drinks on the menu and agua frescas always appeals. Horchata, with its comforting creamy rice cinnamony goodness, hit the spot.

I was excited all day to know that I would be savoring a delicious garlic sauce laden vampiro quesadilla. Yes, I knew exactly what I wanted. The menu sides were tempting: Gueros --- Cantonese-Baja style peppers, Ranchero (add on egg), and Garlic Sauce.

I love the Vampiro Quesadilla. So I added an egg. Then a little salsa. The Vampiro Ranchero Quesadilla. I waited all day for this moment.

The cachetada is a tostada reinvented. A crispy grilled corn tortilla, covered in Mexican cheese and your choice of meat: carne asada, pollo, chorizo. Drizzled with a chipotle aioli sauce. Add an egg and make it Ranchero.

I had three cups of horchata, two vampiro quesadillas with egg, and two gueros peppers. I added in salsa and squeezed some lime on my quesadillas, which was probably a strange thing to do, and better done to tacos, but I love limes and I'll find an excuse to squeeze them on pretty much anything that lime might taste good on. I almost squeezed some lime on my darling man and just as the idea crossed my mind, he brought churros to the table.

These churros are not just traditional churros, but round little bun-shaped churros sandwiching ice cream. Cinnamon sugar, delicate churros that melt in your mouth, ice cream. Five flavors of ice cream: vanilla custard, Mexican hot chocolate, horchata, Spanish latte, and maple butter pecan. And the delectable cinnamon sugar covered churros. All made by Churro Borough of LA.

Just marvelous.

I am so excited and pleased for Mexicali Taco & Co. upon celebration of their new location --- congratulations to The Mexicali boys: Esdras, Javier and Paul. I will be coming in often and next time I'll get my camera to behave. I didn't take enough photos for this post because my camera card was malfunctioning. Sad as I was to not take as many photos for this posting, I will have an excuse to go down to Mexicali Taco & Co. next week for their opening day, February 15th, 2012. Vampiro quesadillas and tacos are on my mind, and once again, in my belly.

Mexicali Taco & Co.: 702 N. Figueroa St., L.A. (213) 613-0416