How To Make Veggie Breakfast Wraps Without a Recipe


I've been a little obsessed with this supermarket in my neighborhood. It's definitely not at Whole Foods level by any means--- and quite thankfully there aren't constant eyefuls of gluten-free, organic, farm fresh, dairy-free, vegan reminders to prod health-oriented purchases--- but it has me captivated nonetheless. Perhaps it's the choice of music they play --- The Bee Gees, Barry White, Earth, Wind and Fire --- while I scoop up a bounty of avocados into my bag for 79¢ each. Maybe it's the ethnic pride I feel when I walk down "the aisle of my people" with bagels on one side of the aisle and vodka flanking the other. It appeals to the Russian Jewish girl in me with my borscht-as-blood genetics, as I'm ever so compelled to buy the darkest of earthy dark rye bread from their bakery. Breads full of gluten and best eaten toasted and slathered with real European butter. You understand me here, I'm a true bread lover.

What makes this supermarket profoundly cool is the way the various ethnic foods are mingled all together--- Ukrainian, Armenian, Mexican, Greek, Persian and other cultural foods--- with bread as the most obvious of staples. Among the Mexican breads like bolillo, the Armenian breads and Russian rye, are flat packets of lavash--- the Armenian version of a tortilla.

Lavash is a versatile flatbread. It's pillowy tortilla-like texture and flexibility make it perfect for wrapping up any sandwich filling imaginable. When lavash becomes slightly stale, just cut them in triangle strips, place them on a sheet pan, brush them with olive oil, garlic and herbs and then lightly toast them to make lavash chips. But being a breakfast sandwich/burrito lover, breakfast wraps are marvelous using lavash bread.

I made these easy and delicious breakfast wraps one morning and they were the perfect nosh after a sweaty workout in the gym. I felt so good after eating this and thought the lavash worked well in place of a tortilla, in some ways it wrapped up the fillings a little better. The only thing I did come away with that's worth mentioning is the lavash is best filled using two layers of lavash flatbread rather than one thin layer. Otherwise it is too thin. Then you have breakfast all over the place rather than inside the lavash. 

You can fill your breakfast wrap with whatever inspires you. Scrambled eggs, scrambled tofu, beans, rice, avocado, guacamole, salsa, veggies, cheese, vegan cheese, really, whatever makes you happy.

Here is what I filled my breakfast lavash with:

  • roasted chiles, sliced

  • black beans

  • orange bell pepper, chopped

  • kale, chopped

  • cilantro

  • smoked gouda cheese, shredded

  • chili garlic sambal

  • sriracha sauce

  • scrambled eggs

  • smoked paprika

  • cumin spice

You can add other ingredients to your preference and pleasure. If vegan, I'm sure you've got the beans in your head to figure out that scrambled tofu is marvelous as a replacement for eggs with turmeric, garlic and other seasonings. I didn't have any avocado left in my kitchen or I'd add it in--- avocado is my daily thing--- but if you have a few ripe avocados they are a perfect addition. As a salty condiment, use miso paste. Just a smear of miso paste is all you need on the surface of your lavash. Add beans, veggies, greens of your choice and you are in breakfast wrap heaven.


 If you enjoy your extra fillings and run out of lavash, there's always the option of serving it up in a cast iron skillet. I did this and my honey was pleased to eat the extras this way. Usually I eat fresh veggies in the vegan manner and keep my dairy intake down to the minimum, but my reasons are to enjoy the occasional indulgence in high quality cheeses, farm fresh eggs, real butter and whole cream every once in awhile. I love dairy, but for health and wellness purposes I save myself for the good stuff. My sweetie has been eating more vegan meals along with me and he feels so much better. He recently noted a big shift in his overall energy level and clarity. Balance, moderation and the every once in awhile treat makes for a happy body and soul.

This breakfast wrap idea can be made as you like it. I hope you enjoy this little post of inspiration!