Delicious & Sensual Planet Raw

Alive. Raw. Fresh from the Earth.

Dining at Juliano's Planet RAW is like traveling into a sensual other world of textures, spices, and intoxicating flavors. If you have a preconceived notion of what "raw food" is, think again. Better yet, erase such thoughts from your mind and start over.

Be open. Let the trip to Planet Raw penetrate you with its sensuality.

I have dined many times at Planet Raw. The first time was when Juliano, the genius artiste chef of raw food, opened what was originally called "Juliano's Raw" restaurant in Santa Monica. It is situated on sweet little vibrant corner at Broadway and 6th, adjacent to the popular tourist area of Third Street Promenade.

Juliano Brotman, chef and creator of Planet RAW, has his own story about how he became a "raw foodist" :

Juliano was raised in his father's meat-heavy Italian restaurant and in front of a TV set in his parents' Las Vegas home. At 15, he moved with his family to Palm Springs where he spent his days exploring Tahquitz Canyon, a ribbon of natural oases slashed into a desert mountain.

One day "An eagle soared out from the distant trees down to the pool and ascended with a fish clamped in her talons," he writes in the preface to "RAW." "Frogs sunbathed on giant rocks. And I, for the first time, felt a part of nature instead of a distant bystander watching the world on the tube."

He immediately became vegetarian, he says. At 19, he became vegan, giving up all animal products. Finally, he went raw. "It's been four years since I ate cooked food," he says. "For the first year-and-a-half, I cheated. I ate cooked vegan foods I made myself, and when I did, I felt awful."








It's become a ritual. I celebrate my birthday at Juliano's Planet Raw. Where else can you dine and feel vibrantly alive?

Luscious, delicious, creamy, spicy, exotic, juicy... all of these flavors & sensual qualities will infuse your being...

First, our drinks... The Maca Mint Chocolate Chip Mylk Shake

Maca: an ancient Mayan Superfood, mixed up with raw "nut mylk" and fresh mint, topped with goji berries, "buckies" (sprouted buckwheat full of amino acids) cacao nibs, and dried blueberries.

My husband loved this shake. It's creamy good and contains tons of nutrients. It's tastes decadent. I'm just guessing on all the ingredients, but I'm sure Juliano's kitchen has it down to an art. We talked about taking Juliano's Saturday class to learn how to make raw foods (and creamy shakes!) at home.


I ordered the Orange Blossom: White Wine, Fresh Squeezed OJ, Nut Mylk, Clove, Vanilla Bean, Ice & Honey.

It's a Signature Elixir, from their Organic Wine & Conscious Alcoholic Smart Drink List.


Quite lovely. The clove was pungent, mingling its flavor around the orange juice and wine. If I were going to order another Elixir, maybe the RAINFOREST White Wine, Cacao, Brazil Nut, Vanilla Bean, Ice Honey (or) the CARDAMOM MANGO DAIQUIRI White Wine, Mango, Nut Mylk, Cardamom, Homemade Chai Spice, Ice & Honey.

The other elixir I liked the sound of was the ICED DRAGON Goji Berries, White Wine, Honey, Maca, Tocos, Cacao, Nutmeg & Ice, blended.

After my elixir, I had a glass of organic white wine.

We had the Thai Spring Rolls... Shredded Veggies, Avocado & Thai Herbs In A Coconut Wrapper with Peanut Sauce

These magnificent little rolls of Thai spiced herbs, avocado, basil, vegetables... taste so... delicious...

Then a little mug of Tortilla Soup...

The Tortilla Soup. Heavenly sublime rich creamy spicy cilantro avocado and warmed up goodness.

Our entrees arrived next. I ordered the Medicinal Salad, and my husband ordered the Spaghetti and Meetballs.

The Medicinal Salad is the most decadent salad I have ever eaten. It is nourishing and lovely with its creamy sauces, seaweed, cucumbers, avocado, sprouted buckwheat topping, layered with flavor. Huge portion, definitely a meal.

The Spaghetti & Meetballs is a tomato based sauce with kelp noodles. The "meetballs" are made with mushrooms. Planet Raw also has a variety of "pasta dishes" like :

GREEN CURRY PASTA -ask for it Mild, Medium or Hot Zucchini Pasta Mixed W/ An Amazing Thai Nut Curry Kream Topped W Coco-Noodles

LASAGNA (WARM) Heirloom Tomato W/ Macadamia Ricotta Layered In Zucchini Noodles - Warmed To Perfection


The Kelp Noodles taste wonderful as Spaghetti. It is served warm with their amazing Garlic Bread (yum!) which we ordered more of...

And I ate some of the Garlic Bread with my Medicinal Salad...

The Garlic Bread. Order extra. Because it is mah-velous, dahling. Garlic-y, rich, pungent, and full of savory taste...

The Spaghetti & Meetballs are light enough to spool on your fork, but alive enough to satisfy your desire for "pasta" without causing that heavy feeling.

Also, some other "pasta dishes are:

PASTA FRESCO Macadamia Alfredo W/ Tarragon, Garlic, Sun-dried Tomatoes & Shrooms "Meetballs" /add Truffle Oil
CHEEZY KELP -Warm Angelhair Pasta In Kream Sauce

As a Vegetarian-ish eater, I am happy that my Carnivorous beau can eat with me and enjoy it. The Raw experience is a sensual vacation into live food... it causes your senses to hum, buzzing with the higher vibration of RAW foods...





Juliano himself reminds me of David Bowie... he's a "Rawk Star" of Raw Food... his angular, healthy features... a Rawk Star Chef of Aphrodisiac Foods...

His mother financed his first venture, which opened in 1994, serving meatless meatloaf made of portobello mushrooms and nuts, burritos wrapped in cabbage leaves, and cheese-free, meat-free burgers served on breadlike sheets of sprouted buckwheat baked 10 hours in the sun. His sister helped develop the recipes.

His celebrity clientele grew -- Robin Williams, Michael Milken, Steve Jobs, Woody Harrelson and Bryan Adams along with other musicians, actors, CEO's, and professional athletes.

In 1999, he released his internationally best selling book, "RAW-UNCOOK BOOK".

In 2000 he relocated Planet Raw to Santa Monica.

Chef Juliano has appeared on dozens of television shows including CBS' 48 hours, Oprah Winfrey. He is always in demand as a private chef for large catering events and intimate gatherings including his University Of Raw Chef training certification.

In his free time, he practices ashtanaga yoga, travels the world, and tries to find new ways of bridging the beauty of life with his Planet Raw cuisine.