Coconut Matcha Chia Parfait

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chia, chia seed, chia seed parfait, chia pudding, vegan chia pudding

As I've become more of a matcha tea lover, I must admit, matcha is my favorite tea in the world. I am one of those people that can drink it iced all day long, then make a foamy matcha latte with coconut milk (or homemade cashew and almond milk), and then I'll say to one of my daughters or to my guy: "Hey, do you want to go check out that matcha tea place that just opened in Little Tokyo?" Coconut is also the same for me. Coconut milk, coconut ice cream, coconut curry, coconut rice. Coconut is most definitely a favorite of mine too. Put matcha with coconut in a chia pudding? Oh yes.

As I scroll through my daily Instagram browse, I'm inspired by all the creative chia puddings and vegan desserts. One morning, after swooning over various Instagram accounts that are mostly chia pudding, I decided to make some to keep in my fridge. And of course I made a matcha coconut chia parfait, naturally.

Now, when you use chia, you must be patient. It gels up in about 6 hours to overnight (which makes me impatient because I want chia pudding now). If you're accustomed to making chia pudding, you'll have a variety of them in the fridge, so there's no waiting involved when you want some. I've seen crazy posts of fridges stocked up with Mason jars full with chia puddings of all kinds. It's entirely possible that may happen to you.

The formula to this recipe is simple: make a pudding base, swirl in chia seeds, and wait for it to set. Et voila, chia pudding. Chia seeds are pretty darn marvelous. And all this time I thought they were just for making silly Chia Pet designs. However, as much as chia seeds are amazing and healthy with fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3s, enjoy them with moderation and try not to eat chia pudding every day. The high levels of omega-3s can cause blood thinning, stomach issues and other side effects. In other words, don't eat them like you scroll through Instagram under #chiaseedpudding because you can overdo it.

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When I first discovered the pleasure of making desserts, I was taking culinary classes. I learned how to make puff pastry (mille feuille) and other classic French recipes that required patience. During that time I discovered that certain flavor combinations (I loved making raspberry and lemon tarts at the time) just worked. While this recipe is just one flavor combination of many, I think you'll find that matcha and coconut belong together.

This can be a breakfast treat as well as a dessert, or maybe you want to dig into this after the gym. Keep your berries in the freezer to get that pretty blush of frost, garnish with mint leaves, coconut flakes, jasmine from your garden or some colorful edible flowers like borage.