Chow Fun Noodles with Baked Sriracha Tofu {Vegan Recipe}

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The other night I made a noodle dish and with my own flair it came out as sort of a Thai style "Chow Fun" noodle dish. I used flat Pad Thai-like brown rice noodles, adding carrots, minced garlic, ginger and scallions, served with baked sriracha tofu, toasted sesame seeds, sliced cucumbers and a squeeze of lime. Yes, I went a little wild with ingredients.

When I'm making noodles, I love it coated in sesame sauce with lots of finely chopped garlic sticking to the strands. I want it gingery, garlicky and loaded with flavor. A beautiful bowlful of noodles satisfies my craving. I had a basket full of freshly picked limes off a local tree, so finding ways to use them was a little inspiration (beyond adding lime to sparkling water, which is obviously how I use most of these limes). Yet I can't stop squeezing lime all over these noodles, so I go a little overboard with the lime juice in my own noodle bowl. You can add or change your own ingredients for this noodle recipe, because it's basically a tahini sesame sauce + noodles situation.

Out of curiosity for noodle alternatives, I've kept a variety of noodle staples on hand in my pantry. Dinner has come together quickly with some different brands and types, such as brown rice pho noodles (Happy Pho) by Star Anise Foods, and brown rice Pad Thai noodles by Explore Cuisine. There are many gluten-free and plant-based options that have worked out quite well (though the regular Chinese egg noodles are a guilty pleasure of mine). Don't be afraid to test out some alternative noodles with this recipe.

Here's a simple way to make your own noodle bowl full of luscious flavor. I use brown rice noodles, but really you can use any other kind as you please. I used Explore Cuisine brown rice Pad Thai noodles for this recipe. Traditionally, chow fun noodles use the wide flat rice noodles, but we are loosely applying that name here.