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A Mushroom Risotto with Love from Paris

This mushroom risotto recipe arrived in my inbox all the way from Paris. Michelin Star Chef Yves Mattagne of Seagrill in Brussels is in collaboration with Longines Masters, serving his fine cuisine at the dining tables of the world class horse show. Today is the opening day for the Longines equestrian event in Paris, where my Parisian friends are seated in the dining area overlooking the course.

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Paella: A Vegetarian One-Dish Feast

Paella is traditionally meant to feed many. The Italians call it risotto, the Spanish, paella. There are similarities and differences, of course, such as the smoky paprika and saffron in paella, and the parmesan and creamy nature of risotto. The first time I had true paella was at a little hole in the wall place called Lola's on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. 

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Valentine's Day {RECIPE}

Sometimes we finish each other's sandwiches. (That's a Frozen quote.) Sentences, sandwiches, and strawberries. We have a lot of things that we share, romantic and ordinary.

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