Breakfast in Bed | Valentine's Day Ideas


Love. We say the word, but how to show our great feelings of l'amour?

Breakfast in bed could be a good way to begin your Valentine’s Day this Sunday. A handwritten love note, your sweetheart’s favorite breakfast, hot tea or coffee, fresh juice. If you haven’t found the perfect gift, this breakfast in bed plan may suffice. Omelette? Breakfast bowl with coconut yogurt, fresh berries, cacao nibs? Strawberries? Dip them in dark chocolate. 

... but my heart beats through my entire body and is conscious only of you. I belong to you, there really is no other way of expressing it, and that is not strong enough," Franz Kafka wrote to his lover Felice Bauer. Perhaps Franz could have made Felice breakfast in bed to express his love?

Here are a few delicious prep suggestions for making breakfast shared together in bed:

  • plan your breakfast menu

  • shop & prepare ahead

  • set alarm (ah, I know)

  • get all of your ingredients out

  • prepare, plate & serve

What to make? 

If you have a loaf of good bread, eggs and baking spices: Oh, your love isn't gluten-free? Perfect. Make French toast. It's the easiest way to seduce your sweetie quickly with a piping hot stack of decadent French toast--- the scent of cinnamon alone is enough to inspire desire. Pure maple syrup is all you need, however, toasted coconut isn't a bad idea. Add some raspberries for a sexy touch. 


If your darling is vegan: Breakfast bowls are simple and lovely. Spoon out some coconut yogurt or make some quinoa oats. Coconut creamer is my favorite on my warm quinoa oats. Drizzle some maple syrup on top, sprinkle cinnamon (a known aphrodisiac). Nutmeg is also a good choice, but please go sparingly. Then top with berries, sliced bananas, apples. Other toppings such as coconut flakes and cacao nibs are perfect. Take a look on Instagram for some #breakfastbowl ideas, or search Pinterest. You'll find inspiration for your petit déjeuner romantique. 


What's in the bowl? Açai blueberry smoothie topped with fresh blueberries, granola, figs, mandarins, dried goji berries, coconut flakes and a few mint leaves. Pretty, non?

sensual foodie stir frittata

If your sweetie loves eggs: Make a frittata! Select the filling and prepare. It can be as easy as some chopped kale sautéed lightly in olive oil, a dash of sea salt, add mushrooms (or any other addition like chives and/or zucchini ribbons) and whisk up your egg mixture. Dash of paprika, black pepper, goat cheese. My trick? Cover the pan with a lid and turn off the flame. Allow the egg to cook gently by the remaining heat under the lid for a few minutes. Test the edge of the fritatta with a slide of your spatula. If the egg is cooked and puffed from the heat. Slide it on to a pretty plate.

Garnish ideas: basil, cilantro, scallions, pesto, sprinkle of spices, sea salt, black pepper. Toast some pita and spread with goat cheese or fresh ricotta. (Here's where you can add those chocolate dipped strawberries on the tray and a freshly plucked flower.)

mise en place for eggs

After your luxurious time spent together in bed, go for a walk somewhere and bring along a few romantic essentials to carry on this loving mood into a picnic lunch for two. Whether it’s a classic picnic basket carry-along or a canvas eco bag, you can pack a salad, a couple of sandwiches, some snacks, a dessert, and a sheet for a blanket, making this part two of your love day affair.


Find a spot in the park where you can recline and dine, laugh and talk, or take a nap under a tree. Bring a split bottle of bubbly and two disposable cups. Linger, kiss, chat about what you dream of. Whisper I love you and gaze into each other eyes. Fall in love all over again.