Aphrodite's Picnic

Aphrodite was sprawled out flagrantly in the heat of the afternoon. The garden swelled in Venetian greens and dappled light around her, as she lay upon the pale blue of the blanket, legs akimbo, warmed by the sun. Within the garden she gazed at the view of the sea in the distant horizon--- its deep blue could be seen between tall limbs of olive and pomegranate trees, as the boxwood, myrtle, acanthus and bay laurel shimmered in the warm breeze. She waited for her lover to bring their picnic lunch.

He came slowly toward her, eyes full of Cupid's arrows, carrying a basket full of delicious food, two glasses, a bottle of champagne. Butterflies and flowers fluttered around him as he approached her. He wondered if his Goddess might fall in love him, perhaps with a taste of his magical selections made by his hands? When he came to her upon the blanket, he knelt down close, opening the picnic basket full of culinary treasures, putting together all the marvelous things he planned to seduce her with. But, struck by her beauty, he could not keep himself from caressing her milky skin, flushed with the heat of the day; the bright golden light of the day. Gently he touched her warm skin with the tips of his fingers, running a trail of caresses down her arm. She was bathed in the colors of honey and milk. He saw within her jeweled eyes all the ancient years of civilization reflected; there were entire continents of mysteries held within her very irises. As he opened the basket full of cheeses, figs, honey and apricots, he was overwhelmed by his senses. She was a goddess alive, from a statue of marble from Pompeii, a Galatea now in the flesh, with her Botticelli dress clinging in its silk fabric of flower patterns. And she was hungry.

Feeding the Goddess of Love was no task for any mere mortal. He was confident he knew just how to please her. Idly he lay on his side, preparing their picnic on plates. He went about feeding her slices of walnut raisin toasts slathered with care, full of crumbled slivers of feta cheese mingled with honeycomb, a halved fig, an almond. Apricots plump with fecundity. His nimble long fingers created careful bites for his amour-- bursting figs, sweet and symbols of erotic love, almonds and honeycomb, quince, all combining in her mouth. The fig was the original succulent temptation, beyond the apple. Luscious mouthfuls made for her pleasure, he tasted her mouth between each morsel, slick with honey and desire. The sun brilliantly shone around them, birds flitting and soaring, the day rumbling and percolating with a glorious symphony, "pleasure, pleasure" it sighed, and as it seemed she emerged from the painting of La Primavera, she swelled with delight from the tastes he gave her, until the flowers from her dress came alive and everything hummed with Eden. Her mouth opened, lips parted from his kiss, tasting and savoring what he fed her, then again his mouth upon hers, kissing with the ambrosial flavors on their tongues. Aphrodite's picnic was full of succulent tastes and a lover's tender touch.

To feed a Goddess of Love within you, or for a lover who wants to please their own divine love, here is the perfect romantic picnic:

Prepare a cheese plate of Roman sensuality and a Mediterranean mezze platter for two lovers. You will need---

Roman Seduction Cheese Plate

  • almonds
  • apricots
  • figs
  • honeycomb
  • quince
  • feta cheese
  • parmigiano
  • gouda cheese
  • manchego
Mediterranean Mezze for Lovers
  • tabouli
  • hummus
  • kalamata olives
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • feta in olive oil
  • pita

Wine or champagne, bottle of water to quench, as they would have had in ancient Roman and Greek times to accompany their feasts--- so bring it along on your picnic adventure.

In ancient times, wine cups of terracotta were artfully painted in decorations that told of myths and magical couplings, desire, love and decadent sensuality. Other goblets for wine were made out of metal, silver, and gold.

To continue the magic of your love, create your picnic for two--- and don't forget the bottle of wine or bubbly--- may your goblets overflow with the pleasure of the senses!

There is the story of a man who was overcome with love for the statue of Aphrodite of Knidos. He hid in the temple at night and embraced the statue, leaving his stain mark of lust. Remember, when you are struck by love, embrace it. Don't let a moment go by, or perhaps you too will be embracing statues rather than a real goddess.