Aphrodisiac Elixirs for Radiance : The Chai Bliss Smoothie

I've been conjuring up some recipes for radiance. Aphrodisiacs, as we commonly know them, are meant for inspiring love. But what about our vitality? Yes, the same herbs, spices, fruits and foods can also benefit our health. Sexy is healthy. When we feel good, vibrant and alive we create good energy and positive thoughts. So pour on the sexy and get your mojo groove on with an aphrodisiac elixir smoothie.

Because I'm a lover of chai tea and I just can't get enough of that spice blend, I created my version of a chai smoothie to give me an extra boost --- The Chai Bliss Smoothie.

Chai Bliss

This smoothie is a spicy blend of vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon, all aphrodisiacs for love, wellness and vitality.

  • 2 cups almond milk (homemade & fresh if you can)
  • coconut water from 1 whole coconut, ice cold preferably
  • 2 bananas
  • 9 dates, pitted
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
  • vanilla, pod or extract
  • maca powder (improves mood & balances hormones)
  • horny goat weed (look out libido)
  • flaxseed oil (get flaxy)

The dates make this smoothie sweet, but if you want, add a little honey. Honey is one of my favorite things in life. Just call me honey. You are what you eat! You can also add herbal tinctures and other ingredients to make your smoothie aphrodisiac more magical. I suggest horny goat weed, or a dash of flax seed oil. Maca root is also a fabulous energy booster for vitality.

Maca Root is considered the "Superfood of the Andes" and is a true adaptogen. It has phyto-chemicals that benefit our health. Its magical properties are beneficial for women of perimenopausal and menopausal age, but guys, don't turn away! Maca root can also boost your libido and help you feel good. It doesn't act upon the hormones directly, but has positive effects on energy and mood. It can help alleviate anxiety and improve sexual desire. Maca may also improve sperm production and semen volume. You can relax a little and love more! 

I've been taking Femmenessence capsules that contain concentrated levels of maca root, but you can find maca powder in health food stores to add directly to your smoothie.

Horny Goat Weed, or Epimedium, is a plant that contains chemical compounds similar to the drug Viagra. Many species of Epimedium have aphrodisiac qualities and can be considered nature's Viagra. Why? IcariinIcariin is the primary active component of Epimedium extracts, possessing similar compounds used to help impotence and improve sexual function. It increases sexual desire in both men and women. Its Chinese names are Xing Ling Pi, and Yin Yang Huo. You can find herbal tinctures of this super aphrodisiac and add some mojo to your smoothie for a libido and mood booster you are sure to remember as Horny Goat Weed!

Flax Seed Oil is another recommended addition to this smoothie. Especially for women, flaxseed oil contains rich amounts of lignans, phytoestrogens that improve hormonal levels. This is ideal for menopausal women because it increases levels of good estrogen like estriadol, which is necessary for all of those feminine reasons, keeping us ladies juicy and radiant. Potent antioxidants, balancing cholesterol and hormones, dash a little flaxseed oil in, or, if you want extra lignan benefits, grind up some flax seeds and add that dose into your blender. Ancient Babylonian beauties used flaxseeds for their vitality, and so should you!

Cardamom is an aphrodisiac that you can use in cooking both savory, sweet and in smoothie treats. Improves energy, increases circulation, gives a spicy sense of well being, and revitalizes sexual desire. It is also a good antacid and helps digestion. It detoxifies, cleanses the system, and some practitioners of Ayurveda also use it for treating infection of the urinary tract. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom balances all three "doshas" of the body --- kapha, vata, and pitta.  Chewing on cardamom pods freshens breath.

Did you know? SEXY FACT: Cinnamon is a deliciously intoxicating smell that triggers sexual desire in most men. Studies have found that the scent of pumpkin pie and cinnamon buns are the top aphrodisiac scents for men. But did you know that cinnamon is also good for purifying the blood, detoxifying your system, and regulating blood sugar? The bark of the cinnamon tree has been used for centuries to "perfume the lovers' bed."

In Chinese medicine, Cassia cinnamon is used for colds, digestive issues, and menstrual relief. Cinnamon improves energy and vitality.

Vanilla is an aphrodisiac. Its sensual scent, its luscious flavor, vanilla and all of its types: Bourbon, Tahitian, Mexican, are sure to awaken your love life and your love for life!

Vanilla reduces anxiety and has a euphoric quality. Relaxing, sensual, delicious vanilla. No wonder we love it in cakes, ice cream, and other sweets.

I had already made fresh almond milk the day before and had it ready in the fridge. It's very easy to make, especially if you have professional grade blender like Vitamix.

I highly recommend adding the fresh coconut to this smoothie for additional health and beauty benefits, as well as better flavor. The natural sweetness enhances the dates and banana. Also, coconut water is high in potassium. It has about the same amount of potassium as a banana, low in sodium, and contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Electrolyte rich, your body and skin will thank you. Also, when you are well hydrated, it improves orgasms. But that's my own personal theory. I'm still researching that hypothesis until I've proven it as a fact.

You could make this elixir smoothie an ultra-aphrodisiac and add some ginseng to it as well. Consult your Chinese medicine herbalist for quality ginseng and usage of herbal tinctures.